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In 2014, SPAA worked with farmers and agronomists keen to apply or increase the level of PA adoption in 4 regions across Aust. To ensure that SPAA PA event was not a one off and that continued support is available, SPAA aims to revisit these 4 regions: i. Further support landholders to encompass PA, encouraging m'ship by farmers, agronomists &/or consultants who are keen to learn about PA tools & technologies relevant to the various farming activities in the local environment. iii. Facilitate industry discussion aimed to result in innovative and effective farming;encourage networking & promote farmers to work together on regional issues. An overwhelming response was noted in 2014, whilst momentum is high its imp to offer ongoing support.

The Precision Agriculture (PA) EXPOs will bring together farmers to learn the practicalities of PA tools on farm. It offers info on on-farm stewardship that results in improved land management practices. This allows for the env and landscape to be managed to "optimal" input levels while achieving productive gains. Also, the use of such technologies offers landholders new skills, improved info & the application across agr industries to improve TBLs along with providing networks to learn, share and be inspired. The EXPO's goal is to increase the sustainability and profitability of the farmers by SPAA returning to 4 important agr regions by increasing adoption and capacity of PA technologies where in the past little PA offerings have occurred.

This project aims; a) To increase the effective use & adoption of PA systems by agr producers across Aust across industries. b) To ensure that PA users (and those beginning a PA journey) are continuously challenged & engaged with up-to-date & relevant information, & c) To broaden the application of PA to further ensure farm business TBL goals are achieved. Event evaluation will be noted.


Events will be stage in 2015 at;

- Northern NSW

- Northern WA

- Western Vic

- Southern Riverina/ Murray NSW


Project Start date

1 March 2015

Project End date

30 June 2016

Project funder

Australian Government National Landcare Programme 25th Anniversary LAndcare Grant


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