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Since the inception of SPAA 10 years ago, we are proud of the activities that we have supported. Be part of our journey increasing PA adoption across Australia.



Achievement/ Detail


Key personnel


29th Oct – PA reference grp for GRDC   root disease project – was the catalyst for the SPAA formation meeting




8th April, 1st meeting to   form grp


1st SAGIT project


1st SPAA enewsletter


Precision Ag Guide (Kondinin and SPAA)

1st EXPO – 4th Sept, Roseworthy


Rohan Rainbow (EO)

Malcolm Sargent (President)




Invitation of Prof. Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer ofPurdueUniversityto visit and speak on PA in   the USA–Dr Guy Lafond of Agriculture and Agri Food Canada Indian head   Research Farm      


SPAA Precision Ag News (new format)

Understanding Guidance Systems Day (SPAA &   Kondinin)

Roseworthy Campus Thursday 20th February


7th Symposium on Precision Agriculture Research   and Implementation inAustralasia


Mawson lakes campus,University  ofSA,Adelaide- Friday 15th August

Yield Mapping & Remote Sensing Day (SPAA)

Crystal Brook Football Oval Thursday 23rd Oct



SPAA website


DAFF Natural Resource Innovation grant awarded

Precision Agriculture & Remote Sensing Field   Days & Workshops October 2004 (SPAA)

SPAA in conjunction with Upper North Farming   Systems Project

Field Day & GPS Day

SPAA in conjunction with Mallee Farming Systems   Inc

Mapping & Imagery for Variable Rate Paddock   Management 

Tuesday    19th October  Swan Reach Golf   Club

SPAA in conjunction with Buckleboo Buckleboo Farm   Improvement Group

Precision Agriculture Field Day

Thursday 21st October Buckleboo Sporting   Club 


SPAA in conjunction with YP Alkaline soils Group

Applying Precision Agriculture on YP - A   practical approach

Thursday 28th October 


8th Annual Symposium on Precision Agriculture   Research & Application inAustralasia

Veterinary Conference Centre,UniversityofSydney 

Friday 20th August


Brian Tiller (President)


GRDC Travel support for committee to attend   Symposium

SPAA Annual Grower Meeting 2005

‘Step by Step to Variable Rate’

Friday 9th September 2005, Crystal Brook Football   Club


9th Annual Symposium on Precision Agriculture   Research & Application inAustralasia


The University Club of WA

TheUniversity   ofWestern Australia

Thursday 11th August 2005

SPAA Autosteer & Guidance for Precision   Agriculture  EXPO

Friday 25th Feb






PA Manual


New look magazine (PAN)

SPAA Autosteer & Variable Rate for Precision   Agriculture EXPO

Friday 24th Feb



10th Annual

Symposium on

Precision Agriculture inAustralasia  (ACPA & SPAA), Fri 18th

August, Sydney

Malcolm Sargent (President) Emma Leonard appointed   as Publications Coordinator


International speaker Clive Blacker (UK Farmer)


Seven SPAA committee/ members attend New Zealand   PA symposium


SPAA committee host Stefan Reusch (Yara N sensor   developer)

Begin association with Uni Adelaide Roseworthy   farm (PA in practice)

SAGIT funding


DAFF (NLP) funding / SAGIT – grower groups


Theme Boosting Profits with PA

Cleve Show Grounds

Thursday August 9th

Kirstie Murphy (EO)


Revised    Website for SPAA Malcolm and Ashley travel toUSA(attend and present at 9th International   Conference on PA)Denver

International speaker: Jim Wilson (farmer fromScotland)  


PA Potential: farmers discuss their experiences   with PA technologies (a partnership with VNTFA and funded through DAFF NLP)

PA in Practice vol 1 book launch

Involvement in the NRM Research Alliance study


John Heap travelled to Europe to present SPA   research

SPAA Forum, Theme: Crop sensing and scanning, Fri   8th August,Adelaide

Mark Branson (President)


GRDC funding


International speaker Ian Yule


International guest speaker Jim Schepers (USA)


Sam Trengove travelledUSA  andEuropeto present SPAA research


1st training cds produced


PA Expo, Theme: Practical use of innovative   technology, 13th Feb,  Keith


PA Conference , Theme: Commercial application of   sensors, Fri 4th Sept ,Adelaide

Nicole Dimos (EO)


Ag Ex Alliance Grower Group of Year winner


1st project involving sugar industry


Awards first student prize to UNE student


Sam Trengove travelled USA and Europe to present   SPAA research

PA Expo, Theme: Practical use of innovative   technology, Thurs 18th Feb,  Clare


14th Annual PA Symposium on Precision Agriculture   inAustralasia(SPAA and ACPA) 2nd-3rd   Sept,  Albury

Randall Wilksch (President)


SPAA becomes a national group

PA EXPO Theme: Practical use of innovative   technology, Fri 11th Feb,  Swan Hill


PA Conference, Friday 9th Sept,Adelaide



Revised website launched


Launch PA in Practice II book


1st Life memberships awarded to   Malcolm Sargent and Dr John Heap


SPAA invited to present at the WA Grain Grower   Alliance Forum


PA EXPO, Wed 15th Feb,  Port Lincoln


15th PA Symposium, Mildura


Neale Postlethwaite (President)


SPAA invited to present at the South Australian   Agricultural Science Teachers Association Conference



PA EXPO, Fri 8th Feb, Nuriootpa


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