SPAA is a non-profit and independant membership based group formed in 2002 to promote the development and adoption of precision agriculture (PA) technologies.

The association aims to be the leading advocate for PA in Australia and through this role improve the profitability and sustainability of agricultural production systems via the adoption of PA.

PA management offers many Australian farms the potential for a quantum increase in production efficiency.

Our mission is to facilitate research, extension and the adoption of precision agriculture.

Current SPAA members include those involved in the production of grains, winegrapes and horticultural crops, including growers, consultants, equipment manufacturers, contractors and researchers. SPAA's wide membership base is a reflection of the potential that is offered by PA.

SPAA has an Australia-wide focus and this is achieved by partnering with our organisations and becoming part of national and industry alliances.

For more information or to participate, contact SPAA on 0437 422 000

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Your membership of SPAA supports the independant research, development and adoption of Precision Agriculture.
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PA Development Officer Announced

Posted 18th March 2015

We are thrilled to announce Mrs Cath Loder as the association’s new PA development officer.   Mrs Loder, will be based in Coonawarra, SA, and comes to the organisation with experience in local government, ecotourism and mining. She is enthusiastic in accepting this role as...
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Managing Acid Soils

Event Date 8th April 2015

 FREE WORKSHOPS Acid soils with Brian Hughes from PIRSA - managing soil acidity in your area - economics of treating soil acidity - local pH and trial data - comparing lime sources and products - trialling precision pH testing - Tools for calculating lime rates Locations &...
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